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The Dan Thing


Halluci!Dan & Damon
[19:41:41] Ruby Sampson: *If I die tell Dan to hide the blue box*
[19:41:48] Ruby Sampson: *he'll understand*
[19:42:34] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: "You're kind've an asshole, but I'm not really one for senseless violence. So you can take it easy litlun"
[19:43:13] Ruby Sampson: *Not the lilac one*
[19:43:20] Ruby Sampson: *they can find that*
[19:43:39] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *is mildly confused but nonetheless amused by this*
[19:43:45] Ruby Sampson: *the teal one with a sky blue shine to it*
[19:43:51] Ruby Sampson: *they can't find it*
[19:47:54] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *snickers* Allright, well in the unlikely event that you die in my presence, I'll let Dan know.
[19:48:39] Ruby Sampson: *I see Dan*
[19:48:51] Ruby Sampson: *he's glowing with etherial light*
[19:49:05] Ruby Sampson: *Don't you see him?*
[19:50:03] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *hums thoughtfully, looking around* "Nope, can't say I do Kiddo. You alright there?"
[19:51:27] Ruby Sampson: *He's telling me to go with him*
[19:51:49] Ruby Sampson: *he's telling me to join him in heaven*
[19:52:01] Ruby Sampson: *should I go into the light?*
[19:52:14] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: "Uh... hate to break it to ya kid, but your mate ain't in heaven"
[19:52:29] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: "Probably best not to pet"
[19:53:05] Ruby Sampson: *He says it won't be haven with out me*
[19:53:10] Ruby Sampson: *thas so sweet*
[19:53:34] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *eyebrow raise* "I think maybe you've been a statue for a little to long
[19:54:29] Ruby Sampson: *I think I'm dying*
[19:54:43] Ruby Sampson: *I think he's taking me to the afterlife*
[19:59:52] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: Come with me*
[20:00:10] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: Where chains will never bind you*
[20:00:31] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: All your grief at last at last behind you*
[20:00:34] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *sighs and rolls her eyes* "So melodramatic"
[20:00:52] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: Lord in heaven, look down on him in mercy!*
[20:01:00] Ruby Sampson: *Forgive me all my trespasses*
[20:01:09] Ruby Sampson: *And take me to your glory*
[20:01:31] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: Take my hand, and lead me to salvation*
[20:01:52] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: Take my love, for love is everlasting*
[20:02:10] Ruby Sampson: *both in unison: And remember the truth that once was spoken*
[20:02:25] Ruby Sampson: *both in unison: To love another person is to see the face of God! *
[20:05:15] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: Platonic love though right?*
[20:05:27] Ruby Sampson: *YES YEAH OF COURSE!*
[20:05:49] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *choking on laughter*
[20:06:26] Ruby Sampson: *like there may have been like one or two weord dreams but that was totally the booze andonly strengthens our bro bond right*
[20:06:43] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: yeah i understand *whispers* I had them too*
[20:06:55] Ruby Sampson: *I knew it*
[20:07:59] Ruby Sampson: *I knew it all along*
[20:08:11] Ruby Sampson: *we're such good bros*
[20:08:55] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: yeah you're not just projecting your own feelings on me because I'm a hallucination*
[20:09:02] Ruby Sampson: *Nope*
[20:10:38] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *has tears in her eyes*
[20:18:50] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: when I said I found Stefan more attractive when you pushed it for ages I was lying*
[20:19:02] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: He's not even my type*
[20:21:27] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: -makes out with statue damon-*
[20:21:45] Ruby Sampson: *-enjoys it-*
[20:23:57] Ruby Sampson: *Evil Dan voice in Damon's head: I don't love you.*
[20:24:06] Ruby Sampson: *Evil Dan voice in Damon's head: I never did*
[20:24:19] Ruby Sampson: *Evil Dan voice in Damon's head: I can't even stand you most of the time*
[20:24:42] Ruby Sampson: *I know*
[20:24:52] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: "You know kid I'm starting to worry about you"
[20:25:09] Ruby Sampson: *Evil Dan voice in Damon's head: In fact I might kill you right now*
[20:25:45] Ruby Sampson: *Evil Dan voice in Damon's head: torture you like you tortured me*
[20:25:53] Ruby Sampson: *I'M SORRY DAN*
[20:26:30] Ruby Sampson: *Evil Dan voice in Damon's head: -picks up cisel- not sorry enough buddy*
[20:26:47] Ruby Sampson: *Evil Dan voice in Damon's head: so, whitch ball first?*
[20:27:02] Ruby Sampson: *NOT THE BALLS!*
[20:27:10] Ruby Sampson: *NEVER THE BALLS!*
[20:27:33] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: STAY AWAY FROM MY DAMON'S BALLS*
[20:27:47] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: ONLY I TOUCH DAMON'S BALLS!*
[20:27:49] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *contemplates getting popcorn*
[20:28:06] Ruby Sampson: *Evil Dan voice in Damon's head: HAHA! YOU CAN NEVER DEFEAT ME!*
[20:29:47] Ruby Sampson: *Dan and Evil Dan have an epic lightsaber battle*
[20:38:04] Ruby Sampson: *Good Dan wins*
[20:38:18] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *claps politely*
[20:38:31] Ruby Sampson: *Good Dan Damon back into a vampire*
[20:38:38] Ruby Sampson: *how did you do that?*
[20:38:47] Ruby Sampson: *You're just a hybrid*
[20:39:09] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: the power of your love has made me omnipotent*
[20:39:24] Ruby Sampson: *makes sense*
[20:39:54] Ruby Sampson: *falls tp the floor as he is not used tp standong properly after a day*
[20:40:12] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: -sexy dramatic turn's*
[20:40:34] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: -helps up with pretty look on face-*
[20:40:40] Ruby Sampson: *Thanks*
[20:40:47] Ruby Sampson: *I knew you'd save me*
[20:41:55] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: I had to*
[20:42:10] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: I couldn't live without you*
[20:42:19] Ruby Sampson: *What about Eva?*
[20:42:36] Ruby Sampson: *How could an omnipotend being possibly need anyone?*
[20:42:47] Ruby Sampson: *let alone /me/*
[20:43:22] Ruby Sampson: *Dan voice in Damon's head: -cups face in hands- there's only you, and remember, it was you who made me this way.*
[20:43:30] Ruby Sampson: *makes sense*
[20:44:02] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *checks watch*
[20:44:11] Ruby Sampson: * -passionate makeout- *
[20:44:18] Ruby Sampson: *-snaps out of it-*
[20:44:30] Ruby Sampson: *what? I was free*
[20:44:35] Ruby Sampson: *how?*
[20:44:39] Ruby Sampson: *Dan?*
[20:44:50] Ruby Sampson: *Why!? -sniffs-*
[20:45:00 | Edited 20:45:11] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: "You back in the real world with us yet romeo?"
[20:45:22] Ruby Sampson: *fu*
[20:45:58] Ruby Sampson: *you guys did something to me*
[20:46:06] Ruby Sampson: *this is fucking stupid*
[20:46:31] Ruby Sampson: *this is like a bad fanfic*
[20:46:56] [Becky] Nora | Buffy | Han: *holds hands up* Hey, Leda only turned you to stone. The rest was all you kiddo.

[20:47:14] Ruby Sampson: *I call bull*
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Impromptu RP (TVD) - V


Dan & Damon

Damon: "Really you should be more mad at him, he had sex with your daughter."
Dan: "Really Damon.. Really?"
Dan: "You killed her.. er.. boyfriend? Was he her boyfriend? "
Damon: ".. well ex I assume..."
Dan: "Yeah.." *he tries to mime a slit throat*
Damon: "My bad."
Dan: "That.. and you made Eva a vampire hybrid thing.. tell me again how I'M worse"
Damon: "Oh this again... it worked out okay, didn't it?"
Dan: "We're tied up, being tortured by my mother-in-law.. I would not judge this as 'okay'."
Damon: "I've had worse nights out.."
Dan: "Man i don't even wanna know what you mean."
Amanda: "So are you love birds going to continue bickering or shall we get this show on the road?"
Damon: "No worries sunshine we're just having a bit of a chit chat..."
Dan: "I'm starting to wonder if she even PLANS to torture us.."
Damon: "this is just boring."
Dan: "I have places I gotta be."
Damon: "Like where."
Dan: "Why do you care?"
Amanda: "It's nice to see you're both just as excited as I am. Who'd like to go first? How about you Damon?"
Damon: "How about me? Well I'll have a peperoni, maybe a side of olives, Dan?"
Amanda: "How about vervain?" *takes out a needle with vervain water thingy* 
Damon: *groans* "Not really a fan of vervain on my pizza, what about you Dan?"
Dan: "I'm gonna be extravagant and go for spicy Cajun chicken with some chillies and peppers, maybe a bit of rocket on top. Sound good to you Damon?"
Amanda: *jabs the needle in Damon's neck and pushes on the plunger* "You talk too much."
Damon: *groans* "Surely the rocket would be better as a garnish"
Dan: "You could be right..."
Damon: "I'm always right.."
Dan: "Don't get cocky."
Damon: "Have you met me?
Dan: "True. Well you do seem to be getting all the attention, Damon. I think someone has a crush." *nods at Amanda*
Amanda: *gets the bottle of vervain laced water and throws the water at Daniell* "Keep talking. I'm just getting started."
Dan: "Ah!" *groans* "Defensive are we?" *shakes head*
Damon: "Looks like you're just jealous Dan."
Dan: "No no, she's all yours man, I just kind'a feel like a third wheel you know?" *smiles*
(Grace: God Damon and Dan are trolling the shit out of Amanda)
Amanda: *shoots daniel in the head* "Good, now we can have some privacy before he wakes up."
(Caity: I wonder if they had this planned all along. Their conversation seems awfully rehearsed XD )
(Grace: man this is just on the dot. I think they're just trying to piss her off while they're here)
Damon: *looks at the seemingly dead Dan* "Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my alone time as much as anyone but is he..."
Amanda: "Unfortunately no. It's going to take a lot more than that to kill him. But that's okay. I have plenty of wooden bullets to empty into his head..."
(Caity: amanda seems rather calm. though i think she's fuming silently.)

Damon: "Good to know."
Amanda: "That he won't ruin our precious time together? Yeah, I think so too."
Damon: "He was just jealous of our forbidden love"
Amanda: "Vampires don't feel love, Damon. They're emotionless, soulless monsters that walk the earth with an unquenchable thirst for blood."
Damon: "Well that's just inaccurate"
Amanda: "Oh, really? And why is that? Amuse me."
Damon: "Well some of us are emotionless, my brother however loves nothing more than wallowing in his own self pity."
Amanda: "Yes, and your brother also likes to feed on people so hard that he rips the heads right off. Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I don't see what happens."
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Impromptu RP - Gabriel, Derek, Grace and Evan

(Key: G=Grace, B=Becky, L=Liam)
Derek: "You know, man, you shouldn't get so attached to people. She was just a girl, and now she's not. Move on and stop moping about." (G)
Gabe: "Fuck you. You know nothing about her." (G)
Grace: "Boys, boys, as sexy as it would be to see you two fight" *shrugs* "It would be a pain to have to replace one of you." (G)
Gabe: *Shows Derek a vision of him making a mistake summoning something and getting taken over by it* "You should be careful what you play with Derek. One day they may just turn around and bite you" (B)
Derek: "Thanks for the advice, lover boy, but I know what I'm doing..." (G)
Gabe:  "Oh I'm sure you do. But you're not exactly the cautious type are you? You're gonna end up messing with things that don't like being messed with" (B)
Derek: "Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to to take note, you clearly have a lot of insight from the 2 years you've been practising dark magic." (G)
Gabe: "I'm new to it, it's true. But apparently I have more sense than you do. After all I'm not summoning entities that could potentially kill me and whoever the fuck else they felt like killing just for the hell of it" (B)
Derek: "Oh, but it's FUN to watch people squirm. Don't you just want to light a match and just watch someone burn?" *he smirks* (G)
Gabe:  "...I don't get joy out of messing with people because I can. That's your area of expertise, clearly" (B)
Derek: "Well," *he raises his eyebrow* "I practice. You know I could help you out, I could summon someone to take the pain away, and you'd never remember her. Then maybe you wouldn't be such a whiny BORE." (G)
Gabe: *He gives a brittle smile, his knuckles going white as he pressed his fingernails into his palms. The biting sensation distracting him from the red haze that had been slowly descending since this conversation had begun* "Thanks but I think I'll pass. I wouldn't bother offering again, if I were you" *he tried for a casual shrug, but the motion was jerky. No one had pushed his buttons like this in a long time* "You'll have to just suck it up and deal with the whiny bore. I get shit done. It's why they keep me around" (B)
Derek: *Derek smirks, seeing the rage on Gabe's face* "Suit yourself. I've got to meet this Casper guy and torture some advice out of him, because he has done a real fucked up number on you" *he chuckles * (L)
Evan: (G: Purposely awful choice of phrase here, Evan is notoriously bad at choosing what to say and makes blunders like this) "Can you two stop bickering like an old married couple you're doing my fucking head in." (G)
Gabe: *Gabe throws Evan against a wall* "That lack of a brain to mouth filter is going to earn you a bruised windpipe one of these days" *storms out.* (B)
Derek: *Derek chuckles* "Guess if you press the right buttons even that sad sack can get twitchy" (B)
Evan: "Gees, dude, it's just a phrase. I'm sorry!" *he says standing up* "and you can shut the fuck up." *he says to Derek, before following Gabe* (G)
Derek:"Ah, such a CUTE couple" *he comments as Evan leaves* (L)
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