Robert and Katherine HartEdit

Layla HartEdit

Vivienne HartEdit


Evan's little sister, Vivienne Hart

"I remember Layla, my big sister handing me Vivienne and telling me to find Riley and run, she said something else but I couldn't hear properly because the fire was just... She held them off for me I think, she trusted me, to find Riley and to protect Vivienne that is, and I let all of them down."
Evan's Guilt

Riley "Larson"Edit


Riley Larson, originally Riley Hart, Evan's younger brother

"I've been obsessing over two Rileys all my life, the little brother I couldn't save, and the asshole Larson bigot who killed my little sister. You know what the biggest cosmic joke is, turns out you're the same fucking person."
Evan Hart to Riley Larson


Gabriel WoodEdit


Gabriel Wood, Evan's close friend

Adalyn BlakeEdit


Adalyn Blake


Micah HaleEdit


Micah Hale, Evan's boyfriend


Derek MatthewsEdit


Derek Matthews, Evan's "ally"

"Sorry about that whole 'baby brother being a hunter killing your sister' thing," [shake's head] "that's got to suck," [he smiles] "look on the bright side, at least now you know you have a brother..."
Derek Matthews taunting Evan about Riley.

Put quite plainly, Evan cannot stand Derek.


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